3d walkthrough software – Test drive your new home!

Dec 8, 2016

3D house software

At Rosin Bros, our building designers use a number of advanced software programs to create a 3D world that helps you truly visualise what your new home will look like.

In other words – you get to take your new home for a virtual “test drive”!

Gone are the days of trying to help clients understand “scale” and visualise 2D floor plans in 3D.

Now we can create your design using state of the art technology that provides a real-world glimpse into your new home. And you can view it right on your tablet or desktop computer.

This is all part of the design phase, and helps us have confidence that you are truly happy with the home we are about to build for you.

3D walkthrough technology allows you to:

  • Examine the outside of the house from every angle (does it sit well next to the neighbours houses?).
  • Try out different materials and colours for the façade (does it achieve your design dream?).
  • See how your new home will look inside (does it suit your wants and needs?).
  • Identify any potential hazards or design problems (can you see the toilet from the living room?).
  • Compare the size of rooms to those in your current home.
  • Understand the effect of high or raked ceilings.
  • Visualise moving your furniture into your new home (will it fit through doorways and corridors?).
  • Virtually “place” your furniture in the space (does and feel right?).
  • Test lighting (how much sun will you get in winter or summer?).
  • Maximise views (if I move the placement of a window, can I achieve a better view?).

There are so many possibilities using this software, but the main point is to help you truly understand what you are about to build so that you are confident and happy moving forward.

There is nothing worse than moving into a new home and having regrets. “We should have put a window here”, “We can’t get through here properly”, “I wish this room were slightly bigger”.

It’s all much easier now when you can take the time to “live” in your post-built home virtually, and identify any changes you want to make before materials even get ordered.

Of course there are old school tricks for visualising your new home without 3D software. These can include: building a small physical model, chalking it out in a large area such as a carpark, comparing room sizes to existing rooms and visiting a display home (if it is exactly the same design).

But we are looking towards the future with anticipation on how advances in technology can help our clients. Advances such as being able to put on a pair of Virtual Reality goggles and look around your rooms in a complete 3D experience.

Now that’s exciting!

To learn more about the software programs our designers use, and how we can help you build the home of your dreams, contact Rosin Bros on 6247 4799 or email info@rosinbros.com.au.

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