Are you protected by a building code of conduct?

Mar 30, 2017

hia code of conduct

People often wonder whether builders are governed by a “Building Code of Conduct”.

Mandated standards of conduct exist for a number of industries, such as medical, real estate, food services, and banking. And although builders and developers are required to abide by the National Construction Code (which prescribes safety regulations for managing tradespeople), and building regulations which govern the way a house is constructed, there is no official “Building Code of Practice” that governs the way builders must behave towards their clients.

Instead, builders are governed by a “voluntary code of practice”. This means that they are welcome to join a governing body, such as Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA). Both associations have their own Code of Conduct, and members are required to abide by the Code in the way they deal with customers and represent the industry as a whole.

When you are choosing a builder, it is always worth asking if they are a member of the MBA or HIA (or both). Generally membership indicates that the builder is legitimate, and in no ways intends to behave irresponsibly or unethically.

Unfortunately, there are still some builders who do. And clients in this situation will often wonder whether they can contact MBA or HIA to make a formal complaint.

Put simply – you can. However, that’s usually where it ends. The formal complaint process exists so that if a number of people complain, the builder’s membership will be placed under review. The next step to dealing with unethical or dishonest behaviour is to contact a lawyer. A lawyer who specialises in building disputes is often the best place to start, as they will be able to advise you on your rights, conduct mediation, start litigation and so on.

Associations are there to support the ethical members of the building and construction industries, by providing training, updates on laws and regulations affecting building or employee management, advocating on their behalf to state and federal government, and more.

Rosin Bros are a member of both the MBA and HIA. After being in the industry for over 20 years, we have found that double membership allows us to:

  1. Stay updated on every possible development or change within the industry
  2. Access the member benefits of both associations, which then results in better service to our clients
  3. Source the best technical experts in the field
  4. Help our clients feel assured

A few of the codes of conduct we abide by as members of MBA and HIA include:

  • Provide services with competence, fairness, value, honesty and integrity
  • Ensure standards of workmanship are provided as promised
  • Comply with the pervading building and construction codes
  • Deal justly with employees and those with whom we have contact

Our “Build Process Explanation Session” is an example of how we achieve transparency, honesty, and commit to quality workmanship for our clients. The session takes place before clients sign a contract, and ensures that they understand:

  • Our building process
  • How we work
  • The building contract
  • Our portal for managing updates and communications
  • The commitment we make, and the commitment we require from them, to ensure a successful and enjoyable build

It is simply one way that Rosin Bros goes above and beyond to provide an exceptional building experience for our clients, and stay true to our motto: Build with Confidence. For a copy of our Build Process Explanation Session info sheet, please contact us.

For more information on the codes, please visit the Master Builders Association or Housing Industry Association.

If you are ready to build a new home or start a knock down rebuild and are looking for an established, trustworthy local builder, please contact Robert or Danny Rosin on 6247 4799 or email

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