Designing the Perfect Outdoor Space for a Canberra Summer

Jun 16, 2019

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Space for a Canberra Summer

Living in Canberra, we’ve all experienced our fair share of extreme weather.

One minute you’re freezing cold, teeth chattering as you crank up the heater. The next, you’re ditching the layers, buying up iceblocks and rolling out the fans.

With the closest ocean beach a steep 90 minute drive down the Clyde Mountain, it’s only natural to seek a sense of paradise a little closer to home.

If you’re planning to build in 2018, and are looking for ways to create the perfect outdoor space, here are 5 tips to help you enjoy a slice of summer heaven in your own backyard.

Go “resort style”

One way to achieve the look and feel of a resort is to mimic their continuation of flooring between indoor and outdoor areas.

For example, if the living area that leads to an outdoor patio is tiled, continue that same tile (or a similar one) in the outdoor area as well.

Tiling suppliers often stock the same tile with different finishes, so you can choose the same design but with a non-slip surface to ensure safety outdoors.

If your living area has floating floorboards, continue the floorboards look outside with a deck with the boards in exactly the same formation. This creates a feeling of “extension” – bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out – as you would find in a luxury resort!

Keep it level

There’s a tendency to lay patio concrete a step lower than the house slab. If you want a seamless outdoor area, make sure the outdoor and indoor concrete are level. That way, you’re not “stepping down” into your outdoor area. You are simply “stepping into” it.

Choose the right doors

Canberra is plagued with all kinds of flying insects, and summer is definitely no exception!

Rather than bi-fold doors, which can make it hard to keep the bugs at bay (and can look a little bulky and imposing), opt for glass sliding doors. Sliding doors are sleek and much easier to screen, and there are countless options for unique designs if you’re after a different effect.

Always have at least one permanent roof

Shade sails and other temporary coverings are great for play areas and makeshift spaces, but you should aim to have at least one outdoor area with a permanent roof.

A permanent roof is necessary to create that “resort” feel, but it’s also a way to make future additions to your outdoor space a lot easier. For example, you may one day wish to add an outdoor kitchen or spa, or hang lights or a ceiling fan from the roof.

It also keeps you more protected than a temporary covering, particularly when you want to enjoy the space after dark.

Avoid the late afternoon sun

The late afternoon sun in Canberra can be merciless, so if it’s possible, design your outdoor space on the eastern/north eastern side of your home to avoid it.

If that’s not possible, consider investing in sliding screens to help you adjust the shading where needed. Sliding screens come in an array of different colours and materials, and can add a sophisticated or trendy look to your outdoor space.

And remember, you don’t need to restrict yourself to one large outdoor area. Consider building two separate ones, perhaps with different styling to create a separate ambience (one for relaxation, one for entertaining perhaps!).

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