Functionality and wellness: International interior design trends for 2019

Jun 10, 2019

interior design trends 2019

We recently went on an overseas trip to Italy, and WOW! It’s easy to forget the beauty of other countries when you live in such a beautiful city yourself, and were just blown away by the stunning architecture and amazing scenery.

It also got us thinking about the design trends sweeping Europe right now. We can be a little late to the party in Australia when it comes to adopting new styles, so we thought we’d get a jump on what’s set to be “in” as we approach 2019.

To find out, we chatted to friend and interior designer, Alana Ring. Alana also travelled to Europe earlier this year, to discover what’s happening internationally in the interior design space.

“The world tends to follow what they show in Italy at these trade shows,” says Alana. “And next year it’s going to be all about innovation, quality finishes, and technology.”

Here are Alana’s top takeaways for what’s trending in kitchen and bathroom design as we approach 2019…

In the kitchen

Thin topples thick

Thin is in, with fine lines and skinny benchtops creating a modern, smooth appearance and blurring the line between kitchens and living rooms as open plan living designs continue their popularity.

Functionality gets creative

Secret cupboards and surprise doors are providing smart and highly practical storage solutions, with absolute functionality camouflaged behind sleek and seamless joinery.

Industrial meets residential

Industrial designs are offering the perfect space to cook up a storm in the kitchen – complete with industrial sinks, huge chef’s ovens, continuous cooktops, and stainless steel workbenches.

In the bathroom

Rich textures

The industrial bathroom look remains very popular, with matte blacks and grey colour schemes, and vanities featuring wood and metal.

Designers appear to be moving away from high gloss to rich texture, with fittings featuring etched patterns in beautiful metallic finishes.

It’s all about the vanity

Vanities have become more of a feature in their own right, with unique freestanding designs brought to life with playful lighting and soft round and oval mirrors.

Wellness retreat

Have you ever wished for your own private wellness retreat?

Well, now you have permission to make your bathroom just that – with the latest bathroom designs exhibiting themes of wellness and relaxation by incorporating nature and greenery, unique spas, open showers, mood lighting, soft timbers, and zen ornaments.

If you’re wondering how any of these new design styles would look in your new home, ask us about 3D walkthrough software. It essentially allows you to test drive your new home design, even before it’s built!

To chat with Robert or Danny about building your new home in 2019, give us a call on 6247 4799 or email

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