How to Spend the $25,000 HomeBuilder Stimulus Improving Your New Home Build?

Sep 2, 2020

If you happen to be eligible for the home builder stimulus then you have $25,000 coming your way once you get started on your build.

  • You could pay it off your mortgage.  This would save you approximately $20,000 in interest over the life of your loan
  • You could use the extra cash to upgrade your new home build.

What should you upgrade with this budget?

You could spend it all on one thing such as increasing the size of the house.

Our suggestion is to spend it across a range of items. Collectively the improvements will make your home more functional, more comfortable and more enjoyable to live in.

For an average sized new home build you could afford most of the following items with the $25,000 budget you have at your disposal.


  • Ditch some cupboards doors and replace with drawers (soft-close and heavy-duty runners).  All your kitchen items will be much more accessible.
  • LED strip lights built into the underside of all overhead cupboards. Perfectly lit benchtops and no more shadows when you are prepping.


  • Undertile heating in the bathroom & ensuite. Comes with a programable thermostat.  Beautiful underfoot on a winter morning. Bonus – helps keep the floors dry and reduce the chance of mould.


  • Increase the height of the glass sliding door in your living area and raise the surrounding windows to match.  More daylight coming in and more outlook and connection to your entertaining area.


  • More detailed and targeted air sealing to windows, doors and penetrations during construction.  Fewer drafts make for a far more comfortable home and reduced heating/cooling costs.


  • Add six wall lights around your living areas.  Create a relaxed vibe in the evening when entertaining or watching TV that overhead downlights can’t replicate.


  • Upgrade carpet from nylon to an 80/20 wool/nylon blend and to a higher density/thicker underlay.  You will be laying down on your floor rather than the couch.
  • Adhesive fix engineered timber flooring rather than a floating install. Install the skirting boards after rather than using trim moldings. It will look and feel like a traditional timber floor whenever you are walking over it.


  • Increase the width of your garage by 50-75cm.  No more car doors getting banged into walls.


  • Increase the length of your garage by 50-75cm.  Space for bikes and cupboards along the back wall.

ACT residents can find more information on applying for the Federal Government stimulus at :

We have plenty of other ideas that you can incorporate into your new home build.

Check out our blog at or give us a call on 6247 4799 to organize a complimentary site visit where we can assess the potential of your site for your new home.

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