See you at The Showroom!

Feb 24, 2019

canberra builder tradeshow

On March 2, Canberra home owners will converge on Exhibition Park for The Showroom: a two day home show event featuring builders, designers, architects, suppliers and many more.

The event is set to be a unique and inspiring addition to Canberra’s burgeoning selection of home shows, followed in late March by the Canberra Home Building and Renovation Expo.

After being invited to attend and speak, we decided to cover a topic that seems to be on everyone’s lips right now…

Reality TV home shows: real or not?

Our talk will take place on Saturday 2nd March at 12:30pm as part of the show’s Speaker Series.

Other speakers include Evan Dunstone (an amazing local custom fine furniture designer), Amy Kennedy (Professional Organiser and Declutterer…think Marie Kondo), Karen Porter (Solace Creations), and many more.

Our Virtual Reality (VR) display at The Showroom

Clients love using our 3D walkthrough software to virtually “step inside” their brand new house design to see how it looks and feels.

We will be showcasing the 3D walkthrough software at The Showroom, so you can experience it for yourself.

The software is cutting edge, and allows you to:

  • View how the home looks from the outside
  • Test different materials and colours for the façade
  • “Walk through” rooms inside the house
  • Compare the size of rooms to your current home
  • Visualise how your furniture will work/fit in the home
  • Determine how to maximise views
  • Much more

Join us for a chat about reality TV home shows

The soaring popularity of reality TV home shows such as The Block, House Rules, and Love It or List It show how fascinated Aussies are with revamping their homes.

But how real are they? And can we gain much more from watching than a few hours of viewing pleasure?

Join us at The Showroom while we chat about:

  • How reality TV home shows work
  • Whether it’s possible to renovate an entire home in a week or two
  • How to make your build process faster
  • What you can learn/implement from watching reality TV home shows

You can see us in action on Saturday 2nd March at 12:30pm where the Speaker Series is taking place.

For unique and practical ideas on designing, building and living in a home that’s completely authentic to you, please check out The Showroom and be sure to stop by our space to say hi (just look for Rosin Bros)!

The Showroom will be held 2-3 March 2019 at Exhibition Park in Canberra. Entry is free.

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