Styling your home: Insights from an expert

Dec 22, 2016

home styling tips

Home (or property) styling is the term used to describe the art of choosing and placing furniture, artwork and accessories in a way that makes a space very visually appealing.

People make a conscious effort to style their homes when they want to create a consistent theme (just as “Hamptons” or “Minimalist”), or are trying to help potential buyers envisage what the home could look like for them if they purchased it.

If you decide to consciously style your home, you can choose do it yourself, or you can work with a professional.

Professionals like Monique Meijer, Director of Capital Property Styling, have a creative flair for design and styling, and many years’ experience that helps them understand what works and why.

Monique’s expertise has been featured in the likes of Australian House & Garden Magazine, and she boasts an impressive portfolio including the ACT & Southern NSW HIA Awards Display Home of the Year, as well as a home which broke the suburb record by more than $800K at auction.

Rosin Bros are a huge fan of Monique’s work (she even styled our Concept Home in Wright). We spoke to Monique and asked her to share some of her best insights into property styling…

What can the right styling do for a home?

Interior styling is about putting the icing on the cake in creating your dream home – and is often an area where homeowners fall short. So much attention to detail goes into the actual design of the home, only for the end result to be ruined by poorly chosen furnishings and décor that don’t work with the overall design.

Done well, styling should highlight key features of the home, tell a bit of a story about who lives there (interests and passions), utilise the space efficiently, and ultimately pull the entire design of the home together.

Does it take special creativity to style properly?

Many people are capable of styling but are often too scared to have a crack at it. They over-think things, feel overwhelmed by options or just don’t know where to start. The truth is the best styling is achieved when you’re relaxed! It’s about playing around with different décor pieces and arranging them until they look right. Practice putting some décor together when you are at the shops and just release the inner decorator!

If it all feels too hard, you can always engage a professional like me. A professional can then either do it all for you, or work closely with you to ensure the dream you have in mind is realised.

How do you pick what matches with interior design?

I would probably use the word ‘complements’ rather than ‘matches’ as I think the best interior styling is achieved through effective use of contrasts. If your home has a lot of sleek surfaces, introduce some texture. If your home is fairly neutral you can use bold hits of colour in artwork, rugs and cushions. If you have a lot of timber, introduce stone or glass tables.

I am a big believer in keeping things simple otherwise the eye doesn’t know where to look first!

When selling your new home, can styling really increase what people are willing to pay?

My word it can! An example of this is an executive home I styled in Pearce a few years back. A combination of clever marketing and very persuasive presentation of the home helped attract more than 1000 prospective buyers through the door – culminating in the suburb sales record being smashed by over $800K.

I think it would have proven very difficult to achieve this result if the home was not furnished and presented correctly for several reasons:

  1. The sheer size of the home would have made it difficult for prospective buyers to visualise how they were going to use all the various spaces.
  2. The home was styled to exude a ‘resort-style/ holiday-at-home’ feel which would appeal to a home entertainer.
  3. By investing in styling, it communicated to buyers that the vendors were after serious offers.

I also styled an executive apartment for the same vendors (one of their investment properties) in a development where there were numerous apartments which had stagnated on the market – some had been up for sale for more than 6 months. None of the other apartments had been styled for sale and were either furnished badly or completely vacant.

By comparison the apartment I styled attracted 3 serious offers within the first week on the market and went for $15K more than the asking price of an identical apartment (on the next floor up) which had not been styled and was still sitting on the market.

While I no longer offer pre-sale property styling (my focus is purely on tailored interior decorating and design), I am a strong advocate for the benefits of pre-sale property styling in helping vendors move their property quickly and at a profit.

Is there any styling involved with pre-build?

While styling is not done until the keys have been handed over, it is well worth engaging a professional to discuss the end result you want to achieve. This way, they can produce a concept to illustrate the style of furnishings and décor that would work with the design of your home.

Another critical area for consideration is the positioning of your windows which can dictate the layout of the room/where you position furnishings. Make allowances for your preferred style of window treatments (i.e.: is there enough wall space either side of the window to allow for curtains to be fully drawn back? Is the window recess deep enough to accommodate a sheer blind? Is there adequate wall space above the window to secure a block out roller/roman blind?).

Depending on the style of window treatment you are after, there will be different mounting and installation requirements. This should all be considered at the planning stage or you might find yourself restricted to a specific window treatment option.

For more information about Monique’s services, please visit Capital Property Styling.

Many thanks to Monique for sharing her valuable home styling insights!

Rosin Bros understands that whether your new house is your forever home, or you are building to sell, exceptional quality and design are essential.

To discuss this and more, call us on 6247 4799 or email

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