Top 3 Interior Design Trends for 2018

Jun 19, 2019

You may have read our recent blog post about our win at the HIA-CSR ACT & Southern NSW Housing Awards for Custom Built Home of the Year.

The interior of that home in Yarralumla was designed by multi award-winning interior designer Melinda Boag, whose amazing talent created a remarkably inviting and livable space.

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Melinda has been an interior designer for over 25 years. Her skills, experience, and natural eye for beautiful design have seen her become one of Canberra’s most sought-after interior designers with homeowners, builders and architectural firms alike.

We chatted with Melinda to find out what she loves most about interior design, and what she believes will be the top 3 trends in interior design in 2018.

“My favorite part of interior design is space planning. I love to get my hands on a plan and re-jig it so that it makes the best use of the space,” says Melinda. “It’s like solving a puzzle, and when you see the end result it’s very satisfying.

“I also love meeting a variety of people and working on a variety of projects. Every project is different, which makes every day exciting and rewarding in its own way.

“It’s especially great to work with people who appreciate great design, such as Rosin Bros. They always go for quality design work, to complement their own efforts, and look for ways to get the best result for every project.”

Melinda says the evolution of technology has made interior designing a little easier in recent years, especially in terms of accessibility to unique resources.

“It’s amazing the sorts of things we have at our fingertips now; the resources we can buy. Online purchasing has made the world smaller, and it makes it a lot easier to source whatever I need to achieve the design I’m working towards.”

When it comes to predictions, Melinda says to be on the lookout for these three trends that will be sweeping Canberra houses and beyond next year!

Top 3 Trends for 2018

  1. House Plants

It sounds really basic, but bringing nature indoors will be really big next year. Indoor plants, in any form, bring a colour and texture to the space that is natural and striking.

Green is being treated as a neutral colour that accents everything else in the room, and as well as being aesthetically pleasing, it’s been found to be good for your health. One or two real plants in a room or office can make a big difference to air quality.

Tip: Look for spaces around your home that would benefit from colour and texture, and incorporate a new plant. You could also complement it with a natural looking pottery bowl, or unusually-shaped glass jar. It’s an inexpensive addition that can make a big difference.

  1. Texture

A desire for natural textures around the home (such as timber, leather, and ceramics) is becoming increasingly popular, and handmade items are becoming more valued. Commercial-style homewares that are clean and smooth are being replaced in favour of handcrafted items made from natural materials such as bamboo and rope.

For example, a rug may be appealing because of the texture of the weave, not because of its colour. A lampshade made of woven bamboo, or a cushion crafted with chunky wool, add a natural and interesting element to space.

Tip: Look for ways to add natural materials and handmade wares around your house, such as interesting rugs, vases, cushions, lamp shades and so on. The interest is created by the design of the product itself, rather than its colour.

  1. Colour

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of interest in white, black, grey and every shade in between. Next year, it appears that colour trends will shift to be either very bold (such as yellow, teale, pink and gold) or completely subtle (whites complemented by soft pink, green, blue or mauve).

Tip: Consider the difference you could make in your home by changing the paint colour scheme to bold colours or subtle pastels. If you’re not up for painting, look for ways to modernise your colour scheme by adding a few bold or pastel coloured homewares.

To get in touch with Melinda about an interior design project, visit Boag Design, or call 0407 008 642.

To chat with us about building a home that combines the exceptional talent of Rosin Bros and the interior design skills of Melinda, call Rosin Bros on 6247 4799.

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