Top 5 tips for a successful build

Jun 8, 2019

top tips for a successful build

Planning to build a new home can feel somewhat overwhelming, with a great deal of uncertainty as to whether everything will turn out exactly the way you envision it.

As custom home builders for over 20 years, we have definitely formed strong opinions on what it takes to enjoy a successful build – both in terms of the quality of the home, and the ability of your builder to deliver a stellar outcome.

We see communication as paramount to the success of every project and begin all new builds by:

  • Walking our clients through the build process
  • Answering any questions
  • Addressing any concerns

We also offer a number of tips (things our clients could and should do) to maximise their chances of ending up with the home they want and need.

Here are our top 5 tips for a successful build…

  1. Be prepared and don’t be afraid to ask questions

Equipping yourself with a clear vision on what it is you want to achieve is essential to the success of the build. Put simply, it’s hard to create something you want when you’re not sure what you want!

You don’t have to have the skills of an architect or the style of an interior designer – we will connect you with experts who can help in both of those departments. But no one knows you, your family, your lifestyle, your needs, and your taste better than you. That’s what a custom home builder is all about: designing and constructing a home that suits you and your family in every possible way.

So take the time to think about how you live, where you love to spend your time, what’s missing in your current home improvement, where you’ll be in 5 years’ time, and so on. All of these questions will help you ascertain the various elements that need to combine to create your perfect “forever” home.

If you’re unsure about something, ask us! Not everything can be done, but we will absolutely help you find a solution that is achievable moving forward.

  1. Allow enough time to be involved in your project

The best time to make the right choices about your new home is before building starts. This means allocating time to make considered decisions about all the different features that you want your new home to include.

For example, there are thousands of choices for bathroom tiles, and getting it wrong can affect the entire ambiance of the room. Don’t be afraid to take a step back and contemplate on design choices before you make them.

This doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind later on. But this is often a lot more expensive and time-consuming than getting it right the first time.

  1. Bounce ideas off a third party

With so many choices, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture or make quick decisions that you regret later.

Find a friend, or family member, who you can bounce ideas off regularly. This might be someone who has built recently, someone who works in the building or design industries, or someone who knows you well enough to make thoughtful observations.

Building a new home is a life-changing event for some, and one that’s worth sharing with people in your life who can offer their unique insight.

  1. Anticipate how you’ll deal with issues that may arise

Issues may be relatively minor, but if you’ve had your heart set on something, it can feel very disheartening to find out it can’t be done.

Before your build starts, give yourself a few “if not then what?” scenarios. This could include changes to the design due to DA approval, availability of certain materials, time extensions due to bad weather, and so on.

Having honest conversations with yourself ahead of time will allow you to handle changes with confidence and positivity.

  1. Prepare a detailed brief and budget

Your brief is a tangible plan on where you want to be and sets out a clear roadmap for your builder. You should include everything you want out of your build, including your budget and allowances for extras that aren’t included in your contract (such as landscaping and window furnishings).

Keep your brief on the fridge, so that you can refer to it throughout the build. It will give you peace of mind that you’re on the right track.

As a final (extra) tip for success, we always recommend getting a builder on board as early as possible. Even if you’ve just started working with an architect, bringing the builder into the planning will allow for a better working relationship between builder and architect, and a better result overall.

For more insightful building tips, or to learn more about our custom building process, please join us on our free information night. This will be held in late August at the Master Builders Association ACT centre in Fyshwick.

Bookings are essential, so please register your interest by emailing us at

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