What happens when you knock down and rebuild?

Oct 13, 2016

rebuild Canberra

Starting any new building project can be a little scary, but the idea of demolishing your current home can be downright petrifying.

We believe that the only way to move forward with confidence in any building project is to be fully aware of what is happening at every single stage.

Before you start, you should know everything that is going to happen. And while it’s happening, you should know what, when and why it is happening.

To help you feel at ease with our knock down rebuild process, we have put together the following guide that shows the steps we take to ensure a stress-free building experience, where the journey is almost as enjoyable as the end result…

Step 1: Initial Meeting
We offer free initial consultations to discuss your building needs and aspirations. We explain the possibilities for your new home, as well as our services and a complete breakdown of our building process.

Step 2: Site Inspection
To determine whether your needs and aspirations are possible on your current block of land, we offer an obligation-free onsite meeting. This allows us to assess your block, noting the slope, orientation, views and planning requirements.

Step 3: Initial Design
If we are able to move forward, we will create a Preliminary Agreement that allows us to organise a concept design, site survey, soil testing and planning report on your behalf. We will also provide you with an estimate build cost.

Step 4: Planning
Together we will review the concept design, taking into consideration costs, objectives and your budget. Our popular 3D walk-through software immerses you in a life-like surrounding of your design, which helps to ensure that you feel completely comfortable that the home suits your needs and desires.

At this stage, we will finalise documentation including working drawings, engineering design, energy assessments and planning approvals.

Step 5: Tender
You will be presented with a tender that includes: a comprehensive schedule of fittings and finishes, a realistic timeframe for completion, a copy of the building contract, and a price (itemised by main cost categories).

Step 6: Approval
After signing the building contract, we can organise building approvals and commence demolition and construction.

Step 7: Building
Throughout the building process, it is essential to us that you are up-to-date and completely relaxed.

Our 24/7 client access system helps us do this by providing live-site monitoring, ongoing communication, document uploads, questions and answers, and instant updates/options for any unexpected issues or possible cost variations.

We can also organise regular on-site walkthroughs of the project. If you change your mind about something or it’s not what you were expecting, we can work with you to try and incorporate the change. We will manage the construction to meet the material and workmanship standards we are committed to achieving.

Step 8: Moving In
The most exciting part of the build is moving day! Before we hand over the keys, we will ensure that you are happy with every single aspect of your new home. You will receive a custom Home Owner’s Manual with instruction books, servicing and cleaning advice so that you can maintain the quality and value of your investment.

Step 9: Smooth Sailing
Following the build, we will be there to attend to any maintenance issues you have after 90 days, and again after 12 months. Our builds also come with a 10 year structural warranty.

Satisfied clients are our best advocates and we’d love to have you recommending us after having gone through the experience yourself.

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand the process of a knock down rebuild, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have (or arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements).

To chat with us, call Robert or Danny on 6247 4799.

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