What you missed: Our presentation at this year’s ShowRoom event

Apr 2, 2020

Last month we attended the second annual ShowRoom Canberra exhibition – a great local event that brings together designers, builders and suppliers from across the home and lifestyle sectors.

Across two days, over 100 exhibitors shared insightful information on the latest building and design trends with attendees keen to absorb as much as they could to help with home design, building, renovations, decorating, DIY, and more.

At last year’s event, we spoke about the reality of reality home shows. This year we decided to discuss a different topic that encapsulated some very important aspects of building and what we’ve seen in our past 22+ years in the industry.

Mistakes to avoid when building your new home

Everyone makes mistakes. But when those mistakes affect your potential forever home, it can be absolutely devastating. Especially when you consider that building a house may be the biggest investment you ever make in your life.

Mistakes during building are also potentially very costly. They waste your time and money, and can leave a bad taste in your mouth when the process is over and you need to live in the home.

This particularly applies to mistakes that affect aesthetics towards the end of your build such as flooring, finishings, landscaping, and so on.

The 4 types of mistakes people often make

Although there are many different mistakes you can make when building your new home, our experience has taught us that they generally fall into 4 main categories.

They don’t apply to a specific group of people either – anyone can make these mistakes, even if they have built a home before.

At the ShowRoom, we shared these 4 types of mistakes and the solutions to prevent them from happening. The presentation was really well received, and we had many people come up afterwards to share their stories and ask questions.

We look forward to sharing answers to some of our top frequently asked questions about building on our blog in the coming months.

Download our new eBook on 4 secrets to a successful build

In case you missed us at the ShowRoom this year, we’ve put all the info we shared into a handy eBook.

You can use this if you plan to build at any point in the future, and want to be well prepared so you end up with the house you really want at the end of the building process.

Be sure to reach out to us at any time if you have questions or need advice about building, and we hope to catch you next year at the ShowRoom Canberra 2021!

We’ll be releasing our 4 Secrets to a Successful Build guide soon- send us an email at info@rosinbros.com.au if you’re interested in receiving it!

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