Why choose a knock down rebuild?

Sep 2, 2016

When you’re in the market for a new home, a knock down rebuild on your current block can offer the perfect solution.

The knock down rebuild process essentially involves looking at the “bare bones” of a block of land (i.e.: what it would look like once all existing structures have been demolished), and designing a new home that not only gives you want you want aesthetically, but also incorporates the best in new building technology.

You can choose to do a knock down rebuild on your current block, or you can purchase a new block that suits your requirements. It’s not unusual to feel confused or overwhelmed when considering a knock down rebuild.

You may have a sentimental attachment to various aspects of your house, regardless of the fact that you have outgrown its overall layout and style.

You may also be wary of adding to your existing mortgage with the cost of demolition and a new home build. Or you may be wondering whether to build a new home in a new area.

These are very important considerations, and ones we discuss in-depth in our free report Is Knock Down Rebuild Right for You?.

For now, let’s look at the many benefits of a knock down rebuild, including:

  • Designing a new home layout that suits your wants and needs
  • Creating an interior that matches your tastes
  • Brand new plumbing and electrical work
  • Incorporation of solar, insulation and water saving measures
  • The benefits of living in an established suburb, which often includes larger blocks, wider roads, better proximity to amenities and an open, leafy topography
  • Remaining close to schools
  • Keeping the same neighbours
  • No stamp duty or real estate commissions
  • Generally cheaper, more effective and more rewarding than a large-scale renovation
  • Overall property value increases significantly
  • A 40-50 year lifespan for a new home

Often when people have a need or desire for an upgraded home, the first thought is to buy something new. But you may be sitting on a beautiful block of land in a wonderful neighbourhood that you love, and a knock down rebuild could allow you to keep it all.

If you need a little help working out whether a knock down and rebuild would work for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and review of your block.

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