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Nov 10, 2016

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Building a new home is a unique and exciting adventure – and one where you’re often required to make decisions about things you never thought you’d need to know.

Like design!

Design is an incredibly important part of building a new home – from the architectural plans to the façade, interior colours and style; it can seem a little confusing when you’re faced with a massive array of choices.

Luckily, there is always help at hand. Working with an interior designer, like Amanda Kiley from Omni Interiors, can make the process a lot easier.

“Design is overwhelming for many people,” says Amanda. “And while you may have an idea of what you want, it can be hard to bring it all together when there’s so many elements to consider.

That’s where an interior designer can really help.

A good designer will listen to your needs, provide options, discuss outcomes and generally guide you to make sure that the end result is the one you have in mind.”

Getting an interior designer on board as early as possible is key to ensuring a seamless design.

“The colour of the brick sets the tone for the facade. The tile choice sets the tone for the internal design. The trick is to make sure that all the other elements tie in with these two initial choices.

When I’m helping clients with their façade, we discuss a number of colour and material possibilities for everything from the roof to the guttering, eaves, windows and even mortar colour. Once these align with the brick choice, we can move on to the interior.”

For the interiors, Amanda says it’s all about ensuring that the wall colour, floor coverings, kitchen and bathrooms designs and fixtures work together seamlessly.

And if you don’t have a design bone in your body, you’ll be surprised by the things you can do to help a designer bring together the house of your dreams.

For example, Instagram, Evernote, Pinterest or Houzz are ideal forums to share pictures of designs and colours that you like. When it’s hard to verbalise your desires, these can provide the inspiration a designer needs to create the right design for you.

The key is to do the hard yards before construction begins, so that everything is ready to rock and roll and the process can run smoothly.

“The ideal time to work with a designer is right from the start,” says Amanda. “They should ask about your likes, dislikes, colour preferences, what you want from your new house, how you live in your house, whether or not you have or are planning to have kids, their ages and so on.

The more a designer knows about you and your family, the more able they are to help you create a design that is right for you.” At Rosin Bros, we help you make the right design choices by pairing you with an experienced interior designer such as Amanda, a talented architectural designer, and our 3D walkthrough software (so you can “virtually” walk through your new home).

Design does not need to be overwhelming. In fact, given a little guidance from professionals, it can be a truly exciting and enjoyable part of the building process.

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